In addition to providing capital, WCC assists its portfolio companies achieve and maintain a leading industry position. This is accomplished through developing, in conjunction with management, a comprehensive corporate plan to systematically address the challenges and opportunities facing the company. WCC is committed to maintaining strong working partnerships with the management of its portfolio companies and WCC works with its portfolio companies to determine where to focus, where to compete and how to allocate resources.

Areas where WCC can provide the greatest assistance include:


Establishing strategic direction

Identifying, evaluating and prioritizing growth opportunities

Management team building

Tactical assistance including sales, marketing and financial support

Identifying, evaluating, structuring, financing and integrating acquisitions

Arranging financings and refinancings to support growth

Preparing for and executing exit strategies

WCC has helped build middle market and early stage companies over different market, industry and economic cycles covering a diverse range of businesses. Furthermore, since we invest our own capital, we are able to take a long-term approach to building companies without any predetermined exit strategy.

As a private investment company, we offer several important advantages over most private equity funds:

We understand the issues with owning and operating a family business

We can be flexible in structure to meet a company’s particular needs

We are not confined to rigid, pre-determined investment parameters or holding periods

We do not have to sell companies to meet fund raising deadlines

We can be as patient as necessary to maximize value for all parties

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